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CeoTronics Ex Headsets

These CeoTronics Headsets are specially configured for working environments exposed to other sources of danger apart from noise. Explosion hazard zones in particular are subject to particularly stringent requirements and regulations regarding personnel and communications systems. These headsets are all atex certified meeting the highest of standards.

Please view the CeoTronics Atex Headset range below.

CeoTronics Atex Headsets

CT-DECT Atex Headset


CT-Neckband EX

CeoTronics CT DECT
CT CLipCom Ex
CeoTronics CT Neckband

CT-PTT Headset EX

CT-ContactCom EX

CT-BoomMike EX

CT-PTT Headset EX
CT-ContactCom Audio System EX
CT BoomMike EX